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For non-citizen clients needing immigration advice/ legal assistance:

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Inc. provides services to immigrants, refugees and asylees: helps eligible individuals and families obtain legal status, assists clients to naturalize, and provides legal representation in deportation proceedings.

For former clients who have completed their sentences:

The following links are for your information. The Federal Defender Program, Inc. makes no representation whatsoever as to the validity of the information provided. It is our hope that the information will be helpful to our former clients or other ex-offenders who have successfully completed their sentences: How to Apply for a Presidential Pardon The Non-Violent Offenders Civil Rights Coalition (NVOCRC) has posted information on its website about how to apply to have your civil rights restored after your sentence has been successfully completed on their webpage entitled, How to Apply to Restore Civil Rights in Georgia. In Georgia, your right to vote may be restored automatically upon completion of your sentence and supervised release and/or probation. Contact the Georgia Secretary of State to inquire whether you may exercise your right to vote once your sentence is complete.

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